Our History

October 2018 – We opened our doors and ran our very first auction. That auction closed with a whopping $199 in sales and a total of 7 bidders. For the first two years, my husband and I were the only employees. We worked long hours and very literally worked through blood, sweat and tears with hopes of growing our company.

March 2020 – COVID. As lockdowns started across the aera, we were unsure where this would leave our business. While we waited to find out, we felt the best decision for our family was for my “better half” to accept an offer and return to the warehousing industry full time. Little did we know, our business was about to experience explosive growth!

June 2020 – We relocated to a larger facility, which we still currently occupy.

May 2021 – Purchased a 15 foot box truck that enabled us to expand our offerings to include pick-up for estate auctions and liquidations.

Today – We have grown from our original 7 bidders to hundreds of bidders per auction and increased from a 3-digit sales figure to 6-digit sales per auction!

Our goal is to have consistent growth with integrity. This is very much a relationship business, so we depend on the trust of our customers and clients to succeed. Our number one rule is to always treat our customers and clients with respect, honesty, and compassion. Our reputation is our most valuable asset.